Policies and Procedures for the Macalester Events Calendar

The Macalester Events Calendar highlights events from the various departments, offices and groups that are of interest to the Macalester community and the public.  It is recommended that event sponsors post their event to the calendar as soon as date, time and location are established.

How do I submit an event?

Simply fill out our online form located at: https://webapps.macalester.edu/calendar/submit/.

What events can be posted?

Events that are open to the Macalester community, parts of the community, or open to the public can be posted on the calendar:

  • the group should confirm a location for the proposed date and time

  • all contracts for the vendor or speaker must be signed

  • permission for public showings of copyrighted movies must be obtained

Events must be sponsored by a Macalester group or person. Outside companies or organizations do not qualify. It is advised that date, time and space be confirmed before posting the event on the calendar to ensure that events don't compete with one another.

When will events be posted to the calendar?

Your event will appear on the calendar within 24 hours or you will receive an e-mail with additional questions or comments from the calendar editor. The calendar editor reviews newly published events each weekday morning and periodically throughout the day.  Publication of events is at the discretion of the calendar editor.

Can my event be a "featured event" on the homepage of the events calendar?

The decision to designate an event as a "featured event" is at the discretion of the calendar editor. Your events needs to be open to the community. A lecture by a well-known scholar qualifies as a featured event. A classroom lecture by a local personality does not. If you'd like your event to be considered, please send an email to doucette@macalester.edu.

How do I change event information on the Macalester events calendar?

E-mail the calendar editor at doucette@macalester.edu with your changes. Events can only be removed by the calendar editor; to have your event removed from the system, please email doucette@macalester.edu.

How do I submit a photo?

Simply attach your photo using the online submission form. The form will automatically scale your photo to a standard size.

What if my event is taking place at the same time as a larger event?

The events calendar committee regularly monitors the calendar to ensure that events don't compete with one another. If there are too many events scheduled for one time slot, the committee will address the issue and discuss it with each event sponsor.

What kind of features does the calendar support?

The calendar supports adding events to a personal calendar like ical or Google Calendar. The day's events are also displayed in The Daily Piper, a daily e-newsletter distributed to the Macalester community. Browsers can also subscribe through RSS feeds to a particular calendar--such as the fine arts calendar or academic calendar, or just to the featured events.

How do I contact the calendar editor?

E-mail the calendar editor at doucette@macalester.edu.