Eiko Otake Residency: A Body in Fukushima film screening

4:45 PM  - 6:00 PM
Wednesday Sep 18, 2019
Art Building 102

A Body in Fukushima is a film created by movement-based interdisciplinary artist Eiko Otake. The film was crafted from hundreds of photographs, taken by William Johnston, of Eiko Otake in the surreal, irradiated landscapes of post-nuclear meltdown Fukushima, Japan.

Eiko traveled five times to evacuated, desolate Fukushima since the triple disaster—earthquake, tsunami, nuclear meltdown—of 2011. From her second trip forward, she was accompanied by photographer Johnston (also a professor of Japanese history and public health) who documented her body in places of nuclear contamination.

Born and raised in Japan and a resident of New York since 1976, Eiko Otake is a movement–based, interdisciplinary artist. She worked for more than forty years as Eiko & Koma but since 2014 has been performing her own solo project A Body in Place.

This event is part of the artist residency of Eiko Otake and Iris McCloughan. Co-sponsored by Theater and Dance, Art and Art History, and Asian Languages and Cultures Departments.

Sponsored By: Art and Art History, Asian Languages and Cultures, Theater and Dance

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