Roe, Law, and Us: A Post-Play Discussion

12:00 PM  - 1:00 PM
Wednesday Apr 3, 2019
Carnegie Hall 204

Students and faculty from Macalester have attended the production of Roe (by Lisa Loomer) at Mixed Blood Theatre. The Legal Studies Program at Macalester is hosting this post-play discussion for all interested participants from all majors and divisions (and whether they attended the play or not).

During this discussion, we will consider what Roe (both the case and the play) has to say about abortion, representation, and decision-making. This discussion will be open to all participants' ideas and reflections. Potential topics include: the division between personal and public issues and decisions; whether it is possible to have a mutually respectful discussion on this contentious legal topic; the basis and nature of truth claims coming from law, science, religion, morality, or (perhaps) nowhere; and what role law played, if any, in establishing the place of abortion in US culture.

This event is for: Students and Faculty

Sponsored By: Political Science

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