Second Campus Farmers Network Workshop

10:00 AM  - 3:00 PM
Saturday Apr 6, 2019
Davis Court, Markim Hall

The Upper Midwest Campus Farmers Nework will be hosting its second workshop at Macalester this spring. Anyone interested or involved in campus farms and gardens is welcome to attend, though please RSVP by March 15.

We are planning on serving a light breakfast at 10, and beginning the first activity at 10:30. A larger lunch will be provided during the day.

We wanted to conduct a group discussion with everyone during the day. Topics that we came up with include: 

  1. What are some tips and tricks from your own gardens? What are the best practices that you follow, that you would be willing to share with the entire group?
  2. How should the leadership board for the network be structured?
  3. What should the Campus Farmers Network offer for campus farms and student farmers? How active should the network be? Are events held throughout the year plausible? Think about the function of the network and what would be most helpful for you and your farm. 

We would appreciate other ideas for discussion topics in order to incorporate everyone's ideas so we can collectively answer people's questions and concerns. 

We are also planning on having three presenters come and educate us on garden composting, the best practices for a garden/farm in our snowy state, and ways student farmers can work with their campus food services (we are hoping to have this presentation to be a panel of food service employees from different colleges). If anyone has volunteers to present on these topics, it would be much appreciated. 
If you would like to attend the event please fill out this form  by March 15 as well, so we can plan for catering and space arrangements. 

This event is for: Students, Staff and Faculty

Sponsored By: Sustainability Office

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