Conversations About Our Scholarly Lives

12:00 PM  - 1:00 PM
Monday Mar 25, 2019
suite 309, DeWitt Wallace Library

Ruthann Kurth-Schai , Educational Studies, will present “Re-envisioning Civic Learning and Life in Dark Times." In times of division, dishonesty, fear and distrust, democracy is deeply challenged. How did we come to this point? Retreat from quality civic education in the U.S. and democracies abroad is named as a contributing factor. In Thailand social studies education was recently eliminated from Colleges of Education as part of a misguided attempt to shape public education in response to a constellation of social, political, economic and environmental crises—crises very similar to those we now face. In this presentation I will describe efforts to engage with Thai faculty, teachers and students in re-envisioning theory and practice of civic education aimed at developing critical skills including empathy, insight, social inquiry, social advocacy and inspiration. We will then discuss the status of civic education in the U.S. and the role of liberal arts faculty and students in advancing civic education reform. All faculty are welcome. Lunch will be provided.

Contact: Theresa Klauer, 6881

This event is for: Faculty

Sponsored By: Jan Serie Center for Scholarship and Teaching (CST)

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