Vanessa Rousseau on "King Tut: The Life and Afterlife of the King"

6:00 PM  - 7:00 PM
Thursday Sep 20, 2018
John B. Davis Lecture Hall, Ruth Stricker Dayton Campus Center

A minor king became the most famous pharaoh in history due to the happenstance of preservation and his tomb full of “wonderful things” has fueled the popular imagination for nearly a century. We will explore what this burial reveals about the man, his moment in ancient Egyptian history, and modern Egyptomania. We will also consider what new theories and scientific advances suggest and what questions have yet to be resolved. 

This event is free and open to the public; co-sponsored by the Anthropology Department and the Archaeological Institute of America,

This event is for: Students, Staff and Faculty

Admission: free and open to the public

Sponsored By: Anthropology

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