French Lecture Series - Vinay Swamy

4:45 PM  - 6:00 PM
Thursday Feb 22, 2018
Neill Hall (formerly Humanities Building) 401

Vinay Swamy, Professor of French and Francophone Studies at Vassar College will present “Revisiting the ‘Republic’ in French cinema: Reflections on the ‘Beur’ question."  How do we characterize a nation? And what role does Cinema-as-cultural-product have in forming a nation?  Starting with these fundamental questions, this talk focuses on three historical moments from the late 1980s through the 2010s to consider how so-called Beur filmmaking foregrounded models of integrating North African immigrants and their descendants into the folds of the French Republic. In so doing, I hope to resituate the premise of my collaborative work (with Sylvie Durmelat and others) in Screening Integration (2011)/Les Écrans de l’intégration (2015) in order to consider whether Philippe Faucon’s 2016 film, Fatima, might evoke a new interpretation of the French Republic.  Bonne journée!

Contact: Theresa Klauer, 6437

This event is for: Alumni, Students, Staff, Faculty, Parents and Families and Public

Sponsored By: French and Francophone Studies

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