To be Asian and International @ Mac

5:00 PM  - 6:30 PM
Friday Dec 8, 2017
Davis Court, Markim Hall

APA is having one final informal discussion about being Asian and International @ Mac. We will be catering from Peking Garden, so it'll be a relaxed, intimate space for allowing international Asian and Pacific Islander (API) voices to be heard (while we all cram for finals).

This is in conjunction with a larger project of a poster board that asks the larger Macalester community about what they want to see in the API community and how we can create more spaces like this on campus that people would be willing to participate in. This would be especially focused on bridging the gap between both international and domestic students. We are trying to target this conversation towards international students, but even if you aren't an international student yourself, please try to encourage your international peers to come to this event!

This event is for: Students

Sponsored By: Asian Student Alliance (ASA)

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