EnviroThursday - "Global Engineering for a Small Planet: A Vision of Success"

12:00 PM  - 1:00 PM
Thursday Oct 19, 2017
Olin-Rice Science Center 250

Speaker:  Dr. Bernard Amadei, Professor of Civil Engineering, Univ. of Colorado-Boulder

In the next two decades, almost two billion additional people are expected to populate the Earth, 95% of them in developing or underdeveloped countries. This growth will create unprecedented demands for energy, food, land, water, transportation, materials, waste disposal, earth moving, health care, environmental cleanup, telecommunication, and infrastructure. The role of engineers will be critical in fulfilling those demands at various scales, ranging from remote small communities to large urban areas, and mostly in the developing world. A simple question arises: Do today’s engineering graduates and engineers have the skills and tools to address the global problems that our planet and humans are facing today, or will be facing within the next 20 years? Since the answer to that question is negative and we cannot solve tomorrow’s problems with yesterday’s tools and skills, a new epistemology of engineering practice and education is needed; one that is based on the idea of reflective and adaptive practice, system thinking, engagement, and a holistic approach to global problems. This new form of engineering education and practice must be designed to cover a wide range of technical and non-technical issues in order to train global citizen engineers and whole persons, capable of operating in a multi-cultural world. As we enter the first half of the 21stcentury, the engineering profession must embrace a new mission

Dr. Bernard Amadei has a global presence.  He is the founding President of Engineers Without Boarders- USA and co-founder of the Engineers Without Boarders- International network; he has also served as a Science Envoy to Pakistan and Nepal for the US State Department.  His current interests reside in the application of systems science and complexity science in small-scale community development projects and geological engineering projects. Dr. Amadei is also interested in the new field of Peace Engineering (PeaceEng). It introduces engineers to the issues and mechanics of conflict analysis and peace building and invites engineers to develop systemic methods and technologies to support peace building efforts in conflict avoidance, reduction, and/or recovery.

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