EnviroThursday - "Climate Adaptation: Evidence From Extreme Weather"

12:00 PM  - 1:00 PM
Thursday Mar 30, 2017
Olin-Rice Science Center 250

As climate change progresses and the frequency of extreme weather events increases, will people be able to adapt to reduce the associated damage? This research develops a two-part strategy  to quantify the existing level of extreme weather adaptation  and its contribution to the reduction in damage across U.S. counties. First, we estimate the relationship between the frequency of extreme weather events and damage. Second, we use our empirical estimates to calibrate a simple dynamic model that relates frequency and damage to adaptation. From this calibrated model, we quantify the level of adaptation and its effects on damage.  We find that even in the most event-prone areas, adaptation investments are relatively small and reduce the damage from extreme weather by less than ten percent.

Stephie Fried (Ph.D. University of California, San Diego) studies the macroeconomics and its applications to climate policy and economic development. She teaches courses on Climate Change Economics, Economic Growth and Development, and Principles of Macroeconomics.

Refreshments provided.

Contact: Ann Esson,

This event is for: Students, Staff, Faculty and Public

Sponsored By: Economics, Environmental Studies

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