SPEAK! Series: Mc Geo from Blue Scholars

7:00 PM  - 9:00 PM
Tuesday Feb 11, 2014
Alexander G. Hill Ballroom, Kagin Commons

MC Geologic is the vocalist for the Seattle-based hip hop duo Blue Scholars, who use their music as a catalyst for social change and activism. His lyrics are rooted in his experiences as the son of Filipino immigrants and his activist work in the Filipino American community. Blue Scholars’ music focuses on the intersections between socioeconomic class, racism, and immigration and on the importance of youth empowerment through music and the arts. Join us for an amazing dialogue and performance with MC Geologic!

Contact: Karla Benson Rutten, 651-696-6258

This event is for: Students, Staff and Faculty

Sponsored By: Multicultural Life (Dept. of), Program Board

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