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Advisor Information

This information will be shared with your advisor, so that together you can plan for a successful first-year experience.

First name

Last name

Describe the type of high school you attended and highlights of your academic experience there. What has been your favorite academic subject? Why?

What do you most look forward to at Macalester?

What do you feel are your academic strengths?

Which are the academic skills you think you'll be working hardest to improve while at Macalester?
 Mathematical Skills
 Verbal Expressions
 Study Habits
 Independent Research
 Writing Skills

What is your greatest concern about college?

What do you do for relaxation and/or recreation?

Do you have any tentative ideas about what discipline you may major in or any career goals?

Is there anything else you would like your advisor to know about you?

What would you like to say about your time at Macalester when you graduate?

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