Travel Plan Details

Primary trip contact:
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For what purpose are you requesting funds?
Student organization travel - Org. name:
Student presenting work at academic conference - Conf. name:
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Trip advisor (coach/faculty/staff advisor):
Trip advisors should be involved in planning of the trip, aware of all trip plans (i.e. itinerary, costs, overnight accommodations, etc.) and supportive of the trip's purpose. Trip advisors will notified when the travel application is submitted to confirm their approval.
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Trip purpose: Please describe the relevance of this travel to the College and the benefits to the particpants. Include a description of the travel destination, itinerary and purpose of the activity.

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Date of departure:

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Date of return:

Time of return:

Will you be taking college vans?

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Travel Participant Information

Please provide contact information for the people who will be participating on the trip. Each participant must complete the online travel registration process. To complete the process they will need to go to the student travel website and click on the travel registration link. Participants must complete the registration process at least 3 business days prior to departure or they will not be able to participate on the trip.

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Will you be requesting travel funding?

Anticipated Trip Expenses:
Please provide a list of the expenses associated with your trip. Remember to indicate if estimates are totals or per person..

College vans (including mileage):

Please include the total cost for the trip calculating round trip mileage using the rental rates provided by Facilities: $57.00 per day and .45 cents per mile.

If College funding is being requested, College vans are strongly recommended for liability and insurance reasons. For large groups over 16 people, chartering a bus may be more cost effective. Use of personal vehicles is discouraged and mileage will not be reimbursed.

If you receive funding for vans, reservations must be made through Facilities Services and reservation forms must be signed and approved by the Coordinator of Student Organizations & Leadership, Liza Pierre. For more information and to download the reservation form visit

Registration fees:

Hotel costs:




Total cost of travel:


Funding Requests:
The Travel Fund Committee considers each funding request based on its individual merits and connection to the mission of the College. The maximum amount granted for academic travel requests is $350 per student and the maximum amount granted for student organization travel requests is $50 per participant.

Amount requested from travel fund:

Individual Participant Contribution:

Other Sources of Funding: