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Student Travel Form

Travel Plan Details

Primary trip contact:
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Trip purpose:

Trip destination:

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Trip sponsors should be supportive of the purpose of the trip, involved in planning with the students, and supportive of the travel plans as outlined in the application. Trip sponsors will receive a copy of the application when it is submitted.

Trip sponsor's email address:

Will the trip sponsor be in attendance?

Basic itinerary:

Any additional trip details to include illustrating the travel is well planned, safe, and meets College guidelines, such as event schedule:


Traveler Details

Please provide the following information for each traveler. Emergency contacts must be non-students who are not going on the trip, such as a family member or guardian.

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Funding Requests

Are you requesting funding support from the College? yes     no

If so, for what purpose?
Student organization travel
Student presenting work at academic conference
Course field trip or other course related travel
Office or other related travel

Please describe the relevance of this travel to the College and benefits to students:

Anticipated Expenses:

College Van Costs: Please include the total cost for the trip calculating mileage to and from destination.

Note: College vans must be used for all College sponsored travel for insurance and liability reasons. Personal vehicles are not permitted. For large groups over 16 chartering a bus through Minnesota Central may be more cost effective. Reservations must be made separately through Facilities Services and vans are not always available. For more info and to reserve vans visit

College vans (including mileage):

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Hotel costs:

Facilities Rental:




Total cost of travel:


Funding Request:

Travel Grant Fund Request:

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Other Sources of Funding: